Shakti Mandala

Dance Mandala – is a process of building energy at all levels , this treatment of the body and the soul. Through it is fixing the problems lurking in the depths of our memory, this unity is not only with his own feminine essence , but with all the feminine manifestation of the universe. Through this practice is the mysterious discovery of the existence of primordial energy management , and the ability to manage them comes through your body and mind .

Mandala Shakti Workout

Warm up before dancing mandala is recommended for women who are just starting to practice dance mandala , for women who feel some grounding problems , or who in the dance weary feet .
Warm up on the Shakti mat before dancing Mandala allows you to open and work through our energy channels – Ida and Pingala , gives the opportunity to awaken our energy and prepare yourself for the dance Mandala .

  • Become a relaxed , feet hip-width apart , bend your knees . Direct your attention to the spine
  • sacrum , open the chest, shoulders , feel the back of the head , top of head

  • Put your hands in the yoni mudra on the lower abdomen
  • Start a circular motion clockwise , raising energy :
    – From the feet to the knees ,
    – From knee to hip ,
    – From the hips to the waist ,
    – From the waist to the chest ,
    – From the chest to the throat ,
    – From the throat to the crown of the head ,
     and then go down spending energy counterclockwise through all the centers down .

  • Breathe through your mouth , deep and relaxed .