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The gratitude Temple Factory project, Is a social experiment, one in its kind, where we unite devotion and work. Its a realization of our mission to live, and breath love all over the globe.

ShaktiMat - Gratitude (Temple Factory)

Gratitude is a project in the holy city of India – Varanasi.
Project participants have the unique opportunity to plunge into the world of Shakti – The world of the universal feminine energy. This is the sanctuary where many women are making the Shaktimat, crafting it with love and awareness, practicing conscious devotion, and mantras in the process.

The main purpose of Shakti is to spread the message of love, around the world,- from factory workers to end customers.
We provide the best working conditions and take into account local traditions and religious beliefs. So all people eventually can get in touch with the consciousness of Shakti.

Project participants has::

  • 8-hour working day.
  • One free meal a day, prepared by our factory chef.
  • The right of being free from work on the occasion of local holidays and family gatherings.
  • *Free health care services and payment of sick leave.

ShaktiMat - Gratitude (Temple Factory)

* Competent doctors from local hospitals, provide their services to the project participants, as well as their friends and family members.

We make love, with love!

In gratitude!