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  • Acupressure is an ancient way of bringing about healing, used in China for 1000´s of years ago.
  • In the West acupressure was used by the philosophers like Hippocrates.
  • Used by the Indian yogis trough the Indian bed of nails.
  • In the 80´s the first modern version of the bed of nails appeared in Russia and had large impact on many people lives.
  • In 2007 the Shakti Mat was created, bringing the knowledge of the Indian bed of nails to the western.

Om´s path to Shakti

Om Mokshananda, seeker and spiritualist born in the forests of north Sweden.Driven by his passion for transformation and healing, Om searched to unveil the keys that the modern man lost in his evolution.

Om´s path finally took him to live as a renounced monk in the Himalyan mountains. After deep spiritual experiences, he was brought back by the divine Shakti, the divine female energy of the world. And she guided him back to the west to help in the transformation to spread her knowledge and healing energy.

By the grace of Shakti Om created the Shakti Mat, a fusion of ancient yogic knowledge and modern science. A tool was created that works both on the physical and subtle bodies.He consecrated his work entirely to the divine feminine, Shakti.

Coming back to Sweden, he introduced the Shakti Mat and how to heal your life with it. Becoming one of the fastest growing businesses in Swedish history – in two years it went from creation to being in 10% of Swedish homes – with half a million mats sold – only in Sweden.

By the grace of the divine Shakti!