By rolling Shakti acuring up and down the fingers you stimulate the Nadis (energy channels) that are connected with specific areas of the body.

The human body is built from the 5 elements. Each finger is correlating to each element and their specific energies; Fire as Energy, Air as Love, Space as Peace, Water as Pleasure and Earth as Strength.

Treating of both hands

The right hand is the active side of the element. For example: treating the right airfinger, activate the ability of giving love. The left hand is the receptive side of the element. For example: by treating the left waterfinger you activate the ability of receiving pleasure.

Imbalances in the 5 elements manifest as pain, diseases and emotional imbalances. All fingers can be treated for different problems.

For example:

Powershot; using earth, water, fire

Depression, Emotional imbalance; using earth water and air

Stress; using earth, water, space

Laziness; using fire, air, space

Overweight; using fire, air, space

If you have pain in the right side of the body, treat the right active hand. Likewise if you have pain in the left side treat the left receptive hand.