• Traveling

    Take your Shakti Mat with you when traveling! To save space and minimize weight, you may remove the thin foam padding inside and leave it at home. If you use the Shakti Mat in bed, you don’t need padding anyway, as it will be soft enough with the bed’s own mattress.
  • Jet-lag

    Flying is one of the best ways to disturb and drain your system. Make sure you bring your Shakti Mat with you, for grounding yourself back into your body after your flight.
    If you own a Shakti headband you can use it onboard the flight for a deep meditative rest.
  • Cleaning

    When required, you may hand wash your Shakti Mat with mild detergent in lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. Avoid using a washing machine or tumble dryer, as it may damage the points.
  • Two Mats

    It´s good with one – but better with two Shakti Mats – why be modest when your interest is to heal and energize your whole being. From top to toe!
  • Early Morning

    Start your morning by placing your Shakti Mat under your back. It will give you a pleasant start for a new day!
    If you are more active, get up from bed and take a walk on the Shakti Mat or the Shakt Footpad. Will fill you up with fresh energy!