Work yourself up to the Master’s level

  • 1 - Light
  • 2 - Basic
  • 3 - Advanced
  • 4 - Master
  • 5 - Crystal
ShaktiMat - Light
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The Beginner’s Mat consists of more than 8000 acupressure needles, especially made for people with, sensitive skin, oversensitivity, sickness and elderly people. If you are not hypersensitive, you can go directly to level 2: Basic.

Here your weight is spread out over a greater number of points, giving you a less deep treatment, but it is still a big challenge because you will have to face tension that been stored in your body-tissue. It will come up as a painful sensation before it disappears. Expect the deep relaxation to give you a transformative experience.

Time for upgrade:
When you can be in the back position for 30 minutes without discomfort.

Time of practice: 1 week-1 month

ShaktiMat - Standard
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The Basic Mat consists of 6000 acupressure nails, which gives a more profound treatment that is able to penetrate to a deeper layer of the body’s fascia.
The Basic program is a combination of the Shakti Healing System Basic Positions, this is also a link each one with very important properties and acupressure points.

This program gives an overall, strong treatment for your whole body.
It will release stored toxins and tensions that been stored in bodily tissues.
This will take you on a journey from the mind into the body.

Time for upgrade:
When you are able to practice the Basic program easily

Time of practice: 2 weeks- 3 months
ShaktiMat - Advance
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The Advanced Mat consists of 4000 acupressure nails, which allows the body to enter into the next fascial level.

The Advanced Program is when we step into the Shakti Mat-Yoga. It is a sequence of positions that allows us to release deep rooted tensions and patterns from our system.

Physical disorders and past traumatic experiences may be dissolved in this stage of practice, if it done continually.
The nervous system is tuned in to a higher frequency, and it will make us stronger and more resistant, as well as help us to have more feeling and sensitivity.

Time for upgrade:
When you easily can practice the Advanced Programs

Time of practice: 1 month – 4 months
ShaktiMat - Master
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The Master Mat consists of 3000 acupressure nails, making it the hardest and deepest treatment of all Shakti Mats.

In the Master Program, in each stage we stay a longer time in each position. We also use two mats in some positions, allowing us to treat the whole body for long periods of time.

The practice becomes more meditative, and we can reach the core of our being where a state of unity can be achieved.

All practices lead to the state were all tension dissolves, and all that is left is the ecstatic experience of our core being. The Shakti Mat teaches us to relax into the experience of life.
ShaktiMat - Cystal
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For transcending into crystal consciousness...

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