Place your Shakti Mat on a flat surface or in the bed. Undress so you have bare skin against the mat. Sit down in front of the mat, and slowly roll down.

The first 5 minutes may give you a feeling of pain. This is simply the result of tension release.The more tension you have accumulated in your body, the more pain will you experience.By focusing on your breath, the tension will easily be released.Even if you feel pain, don’t get up from the mat – it´s part of the purification process. The body needs time to release necessary hormones and to rebalance itself.

After 5 to 10 minutes the body will release endorphins. This will reduce pain sensations and increase relaxation in the body.

Make sure your entire back is in contact with the nails. If your back arches put up your legs, until your back has full contact with the mat.

Use the Shakti Mat for 30 minutes up to 1 hour per session. If you do not have so much time – even a 10 minutes nap on the Shakti Mat will re-energize and refresh your whole being.

Experience a life free of tension!