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The spinal column is one of the most vital parts of our bodies. Yet we seldom take good care of our backs. At the same time, imbalances in our bodies can reflect themselves as pain in our backs.

It is extremely important to keep the spine, muscles and tendons around these nerves in great shape, so that fresh healthy energy is allowed to circulate freely and replenish the cells in our bodies.

Reduce pain in lower back and shoulders, vertebra stress release, and will open up the respiration system.

Deep relaxation, grounding, recovery and pain relief.

Works on the whole spine to remove obstacles so that the Kundalini energy can flow more freely from our sacrum up into the Sahasrara Chakra. Kundalini energy is the spiritual energy that resides in our root chakra and when awakened, spirals up the spine and through the top of the head to the crown chakra. This will bring an illuminated state of awareness.

Undress so you have bare skin against the mat. Sit down in front of the mat, and slowly roll down. Make sure your entire back is in contact with the nails. If your back is arched put up your legs, until your back has full contact with the mat. The first 5 min may give you a feeling of pain, this is simply the result of tension release. The more tension you accumulated in your body, the more pain will you experience. By focusing on your breath, the tension will easily be released.
Our energetic center, resides in the belly, distributing energy throughout the entire body. It is also a place where we hold a lot of emotional anxiety that prevents us from fully feeling alive and be in peace.

In this modern age we have a tendency to center our focus in our heads, and this mind activity sets us up to easily slip into anger, fear and other restrictive behavioral patterns. If we keep your center in the belly we have the opportunity to remain well balanced to deal with the turmoil of life. The navel is the center of the body where the Nadis energy channels converges, creating the lotus chakra called the Manipura. This chakra is also known as the city of jewels. Yogic texts state that if the belly is in balance, bodily diseases are impossible.

Increases metabolism opens the respiratory system, will relieve menstrual pain and back pain.

Increases energy levels, courage and will power. It relieves fear, stress, depression, suppressed anger, digestive disorders, sexual disorders and impotence. And the blood will be purified.

Activate the navel chakra, Manipura, will increase the inner fire, giving clear sparkling eyes, centering the physical structure, and inspiring fearlessness. Catalyze a magnetic aura.

Place the Shakti Mat horizontal or vertical, depending on if you want to treat the chest area as well. Slowly roll down on the belly. This is an intense position and you will need focus on your breathing to go through the tensions the first few times. This is also a very powerful position; it will center and balance your body.
This is a good way to release tension in shoulders.

We have a nerve that is directly connected with the shoulders for protection of our throat in case of danger. When we enter into stress, this nerve is automatically activated, and when we are in chronic stress, the shoulder gets stuck in a state of tension. This tension needs to be treated continuously to unfold the stress pattern.

Relieves headaches, stress, tensions in the shoulders and tension in the jaws and gives relaxation for the eyes.

Relieves stress and creating focus and spacious mind.

Purifies the throat chakra and the third eye and will create receptivity and clear sight.

Place the Shakti Pillow, or a rolled up towel under your Shakti Mat, so that it gives adequate support to the back of your neck and all the way to the base of the skull.

Today treatments such as zone therapy work primarily on the feet to alleviate health problems throughout the entire body.

Specific areas on the feet have energetic connections to different organs and systems throughout the rest of the body. Putting pressure on specific regions of the foot can alleviate ailments that are linked to these points.

The foot position grounds us and aligns our bodies. This position raises energy from the lower part of the body all the way up to the upper part of the body.

If you find this position painful, usually it indicates that you are ungrounded. PHYSICAL BENEFITS:
Relieves foot problems, calf muscle problems and overall physical problems.

Eases stress, depression, and promotes strength, stability, self-esteem and grounding.

Stimulation of the feet activates the root chakra, Muladhara Chakra, which inspires acceptance of our instincts and sexuality. Being in touch with our primal needs as human beings, without guilt it empowers us and sets us free.

Slowly step onto the Footpad or the Shakti Mat. Release the tension by focusing on your breathing.
You tried a natural facelift?

Facial tension is one of the primary causes of premature facial aging. Accumulated tensions are largely due to repeated stresses that have become chronical. Then we experience these repeated tensions as pain or as symptoms of aging.

When the muscles and the skin have increased blood circulation, it will creates more alive, glowing aura around your face, and elastic, healthy skin.

A grey, tiered face is the result of a face in tension. The face is full of potent acupressure points that correspond to organs and meridians, energy channels. Open up your face in this organic facelift!

Relaxes the masseter or jaw muscles which are responsible for grinding teeth. Will take away tensions from eyes and headaches.

Relaxes the mind, will give mental clarity and expanded perception.

This position activates the third Eye and the throat Chakra, Ajna and Vishuda Chakra. It promotes mental peace, focus, and creativity.

Place the cheek gently against mat. If you want a milder treatment, you can put a very thin cloth between the mat and your cheek. Treat both sides.